Sanitation Peace of mind

During the current pandemic, many of us are concerned about proper use of cleaning solutions, especially for disinfecting surfaces. Testing disinfectant concentration prior to use is critical to ensure solutions work as expected. Serim manufactures a number of easy to use and affordable testing products for the many commonly used sanitizers including chlorine and QAC solutions. Information about these products can be found on our food safety and sanitizer page. Our Chlorine 100 – 750 ppm test (product code 5161) is recommended in an independent study of testing for chlorine solutions used in Ebola treatment centers:
QAC solutions are commonly used in many industries and many are included on the EPA List N for COVID-19 Disinfectants

Our tests are available through many major distributors around the world; please contact us at for distributors in your area. Small orders of these products can be made through many online retailers.

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